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Joint Ventures

By their very nature, joint ventures are based on mutually beneficial relationships and agreements. Ensuring that joint venture participants are all on the same page throughout the duration of the venture requires foresight, thoroughness and clarity. At Gibbs Giden, we facilitate the successful formation and management of joint ventures and strategic alliances through meticulously crafted documentation and practical counsel focused squarely on maximizing the value of our clients’ investments and minimizing their risks.

No matter the nature or purpose of the joint venture, our attorneys help clients crystallize their business goals, identify tax, financing, governance and other relevant issues, and put agreements and structures in place that best serve their interests. Our business lawyers work with individuals and entities to address and manage all matters that arise during the formation, management and dissolution of a joint venture, both when things are going as planned and if disputes arise that threaten the continued viability of the business relationship.

Gibbs Giden counsels our clients on all aspects of joint venture relationships, including:

  • Pre-formation issues
  • Financial obligations and capital requirements
  • Cash distribution provisions
  • Allocations of profits and losses
  • Tax matters
  • Governance, control and management
  • Deadlock resolution
  • Default remedies
  • Transfer restrictions and exit mechanisms
  • Securities issues
  • Cross-border transactions

Helping Clients Maximize Investment Value and Mitigate Risks

Our attorneys combine their knowledge of the law with each client’s unique goals to navigate the challenges and opportunities they encounter with their joint venture partners. We know that costly and disruptive litigation is never desired but is sometimes necessary. When disputes arise, Gibbs Giden’s litigators stand ready to protect our clients’ interests while also attempting to preserve the business relationship if desired.

Speak With Our Attorneys Today Regarding Joint Venture Strategies

We welcome the opportunity to explore how our business lawyers can assist you with your joint venture or other strategic business relationships throughout California, Nevada and beyond. please call our Los Angeles office at 310-552-3400, our Irvine office at 949-287-8044 or our Las Vegas office at 702-836-9800, or contact us online to learn more about our lawyers and services.