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Dispute Resolution

What is “winning” when it comes to resolving business, commercial, real estate or other disputes? Is it a judgment that comes years later after a disruptive and time-consuming trial? Is it an award of damages against an insolvent entity that won’t be able to pay or a resolution which requires you to be responsible for legal fees in excess of any benefit that resolution achieves?

We don’t think so.

At Gibbs Giden, our approach to resolving complicated disputes involves defining victory or success by the value the client receives when the conflict is over. Whether the optimal resolution is achieved through skilled and aggressive advocacy in the courtroom, thoughtful strategy in an alternative dispute resolution forum or skilled negotiation in settlement discussions, our dispute resolution strategy is squarely focused on what is best for our client from a business perspective, not just a legal one.

We develop and implement the best strategy in close consultation with our clients. Our lawyers work to get to the heart of the dispute, focus on the issues that are keys to a resolution and take the most effective and efficient path to get there.

Creative and Strategic Approach to Dispute Resolution

Gibbs Giden has extensive experience and a lengthy record of positive resolutions in disputes involving a wide range of matters, including business disputes, commercial matters and real estate disputes, to name but a few. Our civil litigation and dispute resolution attorneys are esteemed trial lawyers respected by colleagues and adversaries alike. That respect comes from knowing that while we are always thoroughly prepared to take cases through trial and beyond, we also seek creative solutions that may be better suited for resolving a particular conflict.

We understand that while litigation is sometimes unavoidable, it is not always advisable. That’s why our attorneys are not only great litigators, but are also adept at the unique approaches required in alternative forums such as mediation or arbitration.

Consult Gibbs Giden for Advice on How Best to Resolve Company or Transactional Disputes

If you or your company is involved in or anticipating litigation or are attempting to resolve a potentially damaging and costly conflict, turn to the experienced litigators at Gibbs Giden to discuss your situation. Please call our Los Angeles office at 310-552-3400, our Irvine office at 949-287-8044 or our Las Vegas office at 702-836-9800, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our attorneys and review your options.