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Your increasingly competitive business environment may be subject to nonstop change and disruption, but certain truths remain constant. There is no substitute for hard work and experience. Relationships are built and flourish because of earned trust, superior service, and exceptional performance. And when it comes to your choice of a law firm, you have every right to expect your legal counsel to provide sound guidance, aggressive advocacy, and unmatched acumen in guiding your business, both, in times of turmoil and times of prosperity.

Since 1978, the attorneys at Gibbs Giden Locher Turner Senet & Wittbrodt LLP (Gibbs Giden) have earned the confidence of clients and respect of colleagues for their ability to adeptly handle the most complex and consequential matters. With a powerful combination of insights gained and skills honed over decades of practice, our lawyers are an indispensable resource for clients in a wide range of industries facing complicated business and legal challenges.

Your Interests Are Paramount. Our Commitment Is Unwavering.

Gibbs Giden was established by lawyers who believe that the interests of their clients are always paramount and that all efforts will be relentlessly focused on protecting and advancing those interests. That means more than just knowing the law. It means listening carefully and actively to our clients’ needs and goals. It means developing a complete understanding of each client’s business and conducting a thorough exploration of the issues they are facing. It means that efficiency and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive and that protecting our clients means protecting their bottom lines.

Trusted Counsel & Seasoned Representation in Complex Matters

From our origins representing and serving the unique interests of clients involved in the planning and building of construction projects, the lawyers of Gibbs Giden now represent clients in a broad range of matters in a multitude of industries. We serve clients nationwide and focus our practice on the following areas: 

Lasting Client Relationships

In matters of all sizes and complexity, the lawyers of Gibbs Giden can address your concerns with a tailored, strategic and cost-effective approach that is a product of decades of unparalleled experience serving selected industries and practicing specific areas of the law.

Our problem-solving and client-focused representation has led to long-term and resilient client relationships, many spanning decades. Whether we have the privilege of representing a client for 40 years or 40 days, we never rest on our laurels and are unwavering in our commitment to provide responsive, dependable, and insightful counsel. We invite you to learn more about how the lawyers at Gibbs Giden can help protect you and your business and position it for sustained prosperity and success in an ever-changing world.

Please call our California offices at 310-552-3400, or our Las Vegas, Nevada office at 702-836-9800, or contact us online. We look forward to assisting you.