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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is frequently one of the most valuable assets a company possesses, particularly for those doing business in California. Despite this, intellectual property concepts are often complex and appear elusive.

Our attorneys have significant experience addressing intellectual property issues. We advise all types of companies, as well as individuals, with their intellectual property assets, from those whose entire business revolves around generating, protecting, and licensing intellectual property to those who do not even realize they possess or produce protectable content.

Advising clients with their intellectual property issues requires a lot of listening. It is critically important to be able to understand the client’s exact product, current and future business model, and understand what the client perceives as its biggest threats and vulnerabilities. Both the product itself and the intellectual property right associated with it are separate, valuable business assets. We strive to advise our clients with respect to their “legal rights” without losing sight of the practical, common-sense precautions that can be taken. We strive to find the most fruitful way of protecting both sets of assets, even if these goals occasionally conflict.

Intellectual property issues are not unique to the technology companies that we represent, such as computer software developers, entertainment companies, animators, and video-game designers. Other types of clients that we have advised with respect to intellectual property matters include healthcare organizations, food manufacturers, construction products manufacturers, packaging companies, architects, and government agencies. The form of protection typically varies by the specific matter, but may involve alternate ways to structure entities, adding an intellectual property escrow to a consulting or purchase agreement, shifting the structure from an assignment to a license, prohibiting actions that would cause dilution and tarnishment, or more precisely detailing the scope of a license by exclusivity, industry, quantity, or geography.

We believe that we are effective in helping our clients to understand, in a cost-effective manner, what they possess, how to safeguard these rights, and how they can modify their business practices to maximize these inherent benefits. To learn more, please call our Los Angeles office at 310-552-3400, our Westlake office at 805-261-1777, our Irvine office at 949-287-8044, or our Las Vegas office at 702-836-9800, or contact us online.