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Statutory Payment Remedies aka Mechanics Liens, Stop Payment Notices & Payment Bond Claims

The firm represents owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals in connection with all aspects of private and public projects, from contract negotiation to enforcing and defending contract, mechanics lien, stop payment notice, bond and other statutory claims. These projects include commercial and industrial complexes, federal and state government projects, universities and schools, theaters, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, office buildings, restaurants and solar power projects.

Statutory payment remedies provide claimants with leverage and security to ensure payment on any private or public construction project. Gibbs Giden assists suppliers and contractors with properly navigating the California Civil Code and assists a wide variety of claimants with properly enforcing their rights under California or federal law. These contractors and suppliers include national, regional and local general contractors and specialty trade subcontractors, as well as publicly-traded and local supply companies.

While these payment remedies afford claimants tremendous leverage in securing payment for labor or material provided to a construction project, owners, developers, public entities, and general contractors must also know how to handle mechanics liens, stop payment notices and bond claims. Gibbs Giden assists these parties with navigating claims made on any private or public project.

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