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William D. Locher Photo

William D. Locher

12100 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 300, Los Angeles, California 90025

P: 310-734-3304



William D. Locher has represented and currently represents a wide variety of public and private entities in business transactions and litigation. He has negotiated and prepared numerous sale agreements, construction contracts, credit agreements, and leases from the perspective of the seller, the buyer, the borrower, the lessor, and the lessee. Mr. Locher’s litigation experience ranges from simple commercial disputes to complex, multi-party business, construction, and real estate disputes. He has provided Referee, Mediator, and Special Master services in a variety of complex business and construction disputes. Many of these disputes involved multiple parties and the resolution of numerous interdependent issues. Mr. Locher has lectured to public agencies, trade associations, and professional groups on construction contracts, avoiding construction disputes defending and prosecuting claims, and controlling legal costs. He is the author of several books on construction law and construction contract disputes, including Acret’s Public Contract Code Annotated. Between 1993 and 1996, Mr. Locher was the Managing Partner at Gibbs Giden. Between 1996 and 2018, he has served as the senior member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. Throughout his career, Mr. Locher has played an instrumental role in the training and supervision of newer attorneys and the management of senior attorneys.