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The (First) 10 Commandments of Commercial Credit

  • Presented by Christopher Ng, Esq.
  • RSVP TO: Amy Wittbrodt @  or Christopher Ng @   
  • Topics:  The seminar will explore 10 different substantive legal issues that every credit manager should be familiar with. These topics include:
  • 1. Bulletproofing Your Credit Application;
  • 2. Restructuring Debt and Securing Repayment Plans (including promissory notes with security, confessions of judgment, etc.);
  •  3. Enhancing Prelawsuit Collection Efforts (including strategies for impactful demand letters and exploring claims against third parties);
  • 4. Dealing with the Insolvent Customer and Bankruptcy (strategies in how to avoid preference claims, and squeezing “blood from a turnip”);
  • 5. Navigating Bankruptcy Court (exploring a to-do checklist once your customer files bankruptcy such as proof of claims, challenging discharge, etc.);
  • 6. Understanding Prejudgment Options and Remedies (including writs of attachment, selecting between tort versus contract claims, etc.);
  • 7. Maximizing Postjudgment Collection (postjudgment liens on real and personal property, wage garnishments, bank levies, debtor examinations);
  • 8. Avoiding the Battle of the Forms (when your customer sends a purchase order with objectionable terms and conditions, what should a credit manager do?) ;
  • 9. Fulfilling Your Role as the Gatekeeper (ensuring GMs, sales, and executives understand your vital role in your company);
  • 10. How to Efficiently and Effectively Utilize Your Attorney (what to expect from your attorney with respect to status updates, involving you in the legal process, and reasonable attorney’s fees and costs).