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ABA Forum On Construction Law 2019 Midwinter Meeting


This program will explore the ins and outs of the backbone of much of our national construction industry: public construction.Our program is designed to answer questions about public construction law and even more importantly, to teach smart lawyers what questions to ask. 

We will begin our program by answering the question practitioners and their clients ask at the start of every new year—what does the immediate future hold for public construction? We have invited exciting speakers with knowledge and expertise to answer this question, followed by two days of substantive, interesting, and hopefully entertaining sessions designed to address large issues, intricate questions, and ethical conundrums specific to the fascinating, challenging area of public construction law. From top ten issues every construction lawyer must be aware of when dipping their legal toes into the murky waters of government contracting, to seeking payment for claims from government entities and then learning the intricacies of having to litigate with them, to the fast paced, rule based world of bid protests, our program will run the gamut of public construction law, from both a local and national perspective. There are different rules and different strategies to employ on public jobs, and our program will offer both new and experienced public construction lawyers tips advice on how to succeed—or at the very least how to avoid a box office bust.