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06/05/2014 California Mechanics’ Lien Law, Use of Stop Payment Notices, & Bond Claims

Seminar Instructor: 

John H. Conrad, Esq., P.E. – Associate  
Mr. Conrad’s practice includes construction litigation and business law matters, involving both the private and public sectors. He draws upon his experience as an attorney, a Civil Engineer, and design/build contractor, in a combined career of more than 25 years in the construction industry. 
California Mechanics’ Lien Law, Use of Stop Payment Notices, & Bond Claims. for more information visit 

This seminar will explore the requirements for establishing and enforcing statutory mechanics’ lien rights, stop payment notice rights, and bond claims in California. 
The key topics will include: 
• Procedural requirements for Mechanics’ Liens 
• Procedural requirements for Stop Payment Notices 
• Possible claimants for Mechanics Liens and Stop Payment Notices 
• Statutory time limits for Mechanics’ Liens, Stop Payment Notices and payment bonds 
• Procedural requirements for payment and performance bond claims 
• Priorities for recovery of Mechanics’ Liens and Stop Payment Notices 
• Lien releases 
• Release bonds