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05/03/2016 ICC West Coast Conference on International Arbitration

The West Coast is a gateway for international business – housing industries as varied as entertainment, technology, IP and renewable energy while connecting companies in the US, Canada and Asia.
The conference will explore these key features along with additional topics of interest to practitioners on the West Coast, including: industry and seat-specific considerations when arbitrating a dispute on the West Coast, different cultural approaches to disclosures and discovery, challenges to arbitrators, emergency arbitrator proceedings, the ICC Commission’s new report on costs and the recent ICC Court initiatives to further transparency and promote efficiency.

  View the program here
  Speakers include: Nathan D. O’Malley, Esq.  Mr. O’Malley will be on a distinguished panel discussing Discovery in International Arbitration
– Standards : How should we reconcile document discovery standards across cultures and clients 
– Process : When, what and how (much) 
– Law : What type of law (hard or soft) and whom (legislators, practitioners, or institutions) is best positioned to address discovery issues?

Who should attend:
Arbitrators, legal practitioners, in-house counsel, and academics who wish to learn more about developments in international arbitration.   Register here: