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05/03/2013 Prevailing Wage Seminar in California

Register at or call 866-352-9539

GGLTS Speakers:

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq. and Gary E. Scalabrini, Esq. 

Prevailing wage is a mandatory requirement of public works projects. Unfortunately, the law presents many complex legal issues and questions. This seminar is designed to provide you with the answers you seek and the practical guidance you need to avoid liability.

Our experienced panel will help you learn the fundamental requirements necessary to comply with the prevailing wage statutes and regulations. The panel will address issues such as, (i) to whom and on what projects must prevailing wages be paid; (ii) what are the fringe benefit requirements and how to properly comply; (iii) what are the apprenticeship requirements and how to comply; (iv) what are the penalties for noncompliance; and (v) how are the prevailing wage laws enforced. The panel will also discuss new legislation, rulings and interpretations by the Department of Industrial Relations. Register now and gain the practical advice you need to succeed on your next public works project!