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04/29/2014 Manager’s Program – HOA’s Reaction to Crime in Their Community

Manager’s Program at the Community Faire (Expo) at The Embassy Suites in Oxnard 

The Education session: 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Matthew L. Grode, Esq. will be addressing “HOA’s Reaction to a Crime in Their Community” 

  • What should the HOA do after a crime has been committed in their HOA.
  • What if common area is damaged?
  • When should the HOA contact their legal counsel?
  • What information should be shared with the homeowners?
  • What can the HOA do to help prevent the crime from reoccurring in the future?
  • What can the HOA do about the homeowner who was responsible for the crime?
  • What if the crime continues to occur (such as drug dealing)?

For more follow the link here.