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04/08/2015 Holland Hollywood Connection Event

Are you looking to enter the US market but have questions over the best way to structure your American activities? Would you like to know more about limiting your legal risk while achieving your business goals in the US? And do you have questions over obtaining US visas for key personnel?

Nathan D. O’Malley from Gibbs Giden, and experts from Protea Group, Sostrin Immigration Lawyers and Bank of the West will give a presentation on the following topics:

• Legal risks in the US 
• Banking in the US 
• Setting up an administrative system according to US standards 
• How to obtain a visa for yourself or your personnel

After the presentations there is time for Q&A.
The afternoon will end with drinks and time to mingle! 
Start program: 3:00 pm
Parking: in the garage at a discount rate

Registration here.