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Attorney articles or quotes published by trade publications, legal publications, or association newsletters:

Christopher E. Ng, Esq, Pay-When-Paid: Courts Hold a ‘Reasonable Time’ Now Has to Be Reasonable Business Credit Magazine (May 2020)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., (Co-author), Are COVID-19 Claims Covered By Builders Risk Insurance Policies? Construction Defect Journal (May 2020)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., Seven Key Issues for Construction Professionals to Consider When Dealing with COVID-19, Construction Defect Journal (April 2020)

Theodore L. Senet, Esq. New Solar Energy Requirements for Residential Construction and the Transition to Energy Independence California Real Property Journal, (April 2020)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., Risk Management and contract negotiations – are you in breach of the contract as soon as you sign it? Financier Worldwide (March 2020)

Matthew L. Grode, Esq., What HOA Elections Will Be Like Under Senate Bill 323, Channels of Communication (CAI) Fourth Quarter, (2019)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., Stormy Skies Ahead? Important News Regarding a Hard Construction Insurance Market General Counsel News, August (2019)

Theodore L. Senet, Esq., Jason M. Adams, Esq., Ruling Closes the Loop on Restrictive Additional Insured Endorsement – Reasonable Expectations of Insured Builder Prevails Over Intent of Insurer Construction Defect Journal, (August 2019)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., The Art of Leading A Successful Board Meeting Channels of Communication (CAI) Second Quarter, (2019)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., Sinking Buildings on the Rise? Construction Defect Journal, (July 2019)

Jason M. Adams, Esq., New Insurance Case: Owners’​ Insurance Barred in Reimbursement Action against Tenant Construction Defect Journal, April (2019)

Christopher E. Ng, Esq., Construction Industry Credit Is Not for the Faint of Heart, Business Credit Magazine, (May 2019)

Matthew L. Grode, Esq., It’s All About The Law, Community Interests, September (2018)

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq., and Jean M. Boylan, Esq., Shake, Rattle, and Roll, Los Angeles Lawyer, April (2018)

Theodore L. Senet, Esq., and Samantha R. Staroba, Esq., Residential Solar Rights, California Lawyer, December, (2017)

Sara H. Kornblatt, Esq., Local Counsel, Super Lawyers Southern California Rising Stars, 2016

America Hernandez, LA Jury to Russian tycoon: nyet, Los Angeles Daily Journal, February 11, 2016

Richard Wittbrodt, Esq., Sara H. Kornblatt, Esq., and Michele Ellison, Esq., “Applying Lydig to the Requirements for Requesting a Writ of Attachment” Los Angeles Lawyer, April (2016)

Introduction to Public Contracting Procurement and Public Works, Presented by Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq., and Theodore L. Senet, Esq., at the County Counsels’ Association of California, March 17, 2016

Law Firm Profile, Generational Gumption, Los Angeles Daily Journal, May 8, 2015 at p. 4.

Theodore L. Senet, Esq., Author, New California Sustainability Laws, The Public Law Journal, Vol. 38, No.1, Winter 2015

Theodore L. Senet, Esq., Sustainability – How California Cities are Changing the World, Presented at California League of Cities Conference, 2014

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq., Kristi J. Smith, Esq. Co-Authors, Constitutional Issues Relating to Buy Local and Local Hiring and Contractor Preferences. Presented at California League of Cities Conference, 2012.

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq., Gary Scalabrini, Esq., Co- Authors, WARNING to California Contractors – Extended Liability for Prevailing Wage Enforcement Actions; How to Mitigate Your Risk, “Construction Savvy” (May-June 2014 at p. 16)

Glenn E. Turner III, Esq., Ignoring Historical Data Can Have Disastrous Consequences, “Construction Savvy” (September-October 2013 at p. 45)

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq. and Sara H. Kornblatt, Esq., Key Construction Contract Provisions, “Construction Savvy”, (July-August 2013 at p. 8)

Christopher E. Ng, Esq., Is the Construction Manager Holding Any of the Cards? A Critical Look at Construction Management at Risk Today, The Construction Lawyer, Journal of the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry, Volume 32, Number 4, Fall 2012

Christopher E. Ng, Esq.,Change Is Coming to California’s Mechanics Lien Law, from the May 2012 issue of the Real Property Reporter. This is reprinted from the Real Property Law Reporter, copyright 2012 by the Regents of the University of California. Reproduced with permission of Continuing Education of the Bar – California (CEB). No other republication or external use is allowed without permission of CEB. All rights reserved. (For information about CEB publications, telephone toll free 1-800-CEB-3444 or visit our web site –

Glenn E. Turner III, Esq., quoted in New Court Battle Looming Over Failed Powerplant Job , article by Tony Illia, Engineering News Record (ENR), February, 14, 2011.

Barbara R. Gadbois, Co-Author, Turning a Battleship: Design-Build on Federal Construction Projects , (Winter 2011) The Construction Lawyer, Journal of the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry, Volume 31, Number 1, at page 6.

Richard J. Wittbrodt, Esq., Understanding Contractual Suspension Terms: A Risk Management Tool for Owners and Contractors CEB (Continuing Education of the California Bar) Real Property Law Reporter, Summer 2010.

Richard J. Wittbrodt, Esq., Prejudgment Remedies and Collection For Owners or Contractors on a Construction Project, Written Materials, Digitally Published Program Materials, The Age of Turbulence: Managing Money Issues in Construction Presented in Cooperation with the State Bar of Texas Construction Law Section and the ABA Construction Committee of the Section of Litigation, 2010 ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Annual Meeting, April 24, 2010.

Richard J. Wittbrodt, Esq., Understanding Contractor Rights & Risks , CFMA Building Profits Magazine for Construction Financial Professionals, March-April 2010.

Richard J. Wittbrodt, Esq.,  Project Suspension: What Owners And Contractors Need To Know- NOW! , Article/White Paper, CMAA Southern California Chapter Newsletter, Summer 2009.

Barbara R. Gadbois, Esq. and Sara H. Kornblatt, Esq. New Caltrans Race Conscious DBE Program , CMAA Southern California Summer 2009 Newsletter.

 William D. Locher, Esq., Give PPPs a Chance article, appeared in the Los Angeles Lawyer (the Los Angeles County Bar Association Magazine), 24th Annual Real Estate Law Issue, January 2009 (pgs 20-28).

Theodore L. Senet, Esq., Nuts & Bolts of Modern Wrap-Up Liability Insurance Article, appeared in the URS Claims Resource Fall 2008 Newsletter.

Theodore L. Senet, Esq. and Lynn Mastandrea, Esq. California Statewide “Green” Building Code New Challenges and Opportunities , CMAA Southern California Chapter newsletter, Legislative Section, Fall 2008