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Ronald S. Sofen Photo

Ronald S. Sofen

1140 N. Town Center Dr., Ste. 300, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144-0596
1880 Century Park East 12th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90067-1621

P: 310-552-3400



Mr. Sofen is a senior litigation partner. He has extensive experience in all phases of litigation. Prior to joining Gibbs Giden, he was in a private litigation practice where he conducted over 250 court trials and over 50 jury trials. He also handled approximately 20 appeals before a variety of state and federal appellate courts. Since joining the firm in 1995, Mr. Sofen has represented a broad diversity of general contractors, subcontractors, and owners in all phases of construction related disputes, from counseling at the jobsite level through successful mediations, contested arbitrations, trials, and appeals. His experience also includes handling construction defect claims. Mr. Sofen has significant experience handling the mega cases which involve multi-million dollar disputes, multiple parties, and massive quantities of documents.